Eva Mendes on how she gets inspiration for her fashion line and finds 'balance' as a working mom

"I just struggle like every other working mother," the actress said.

Actress Eva Mendes has opened up about where she gets inspiration for her coveted fashion line, and how she balances life as a working mom, admitting that "I just struggle like every other working mother."

The fashion label credits partnerships with stars like Mendes for its growing profits over the last year.

Her new fall collection, which she showed on "Good Morning America" includes glamorous, sexy pieces as well as office-appropriate work attire. Moreover, it includes comfortable and casual outfits, something Mendes said she appreciates as a mom.

"I have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old now," the actress said in an interview with ABC News' Kayna Whitworth. "Sometimes it's just a challenge to get dressed, so I brought in the tees."

Mendes says she draws inspiration for her line from her family -- including her partner Ryan Gosling, as well as her mother and sister -- to create styles that suit all body types.

"My sister Becky is so voluptuous and gorgeous," she said. "So it was important for me ... to make something that she could feel good in."

She said she also designs for Gosling's mom and sister, calling her whole family a "beautiful, diverse group."

Mendes said she also tries to keep the price point of her fashion line as low as possible.

"I grew up ... in deep L.A.," she said, referring to Los Angeles. "We didn't have much or anything like that ... [I] grew up on hand-me-downs."

Despite having limited resources growing up, Mendes said it was always important to her not to sacrifice "style."

Mendes said she also hopes people will use her fashion to create what she described as "an expression of oneself."

"You're supposed to do whatever you want to do," she said. "Clash your patterns, clash your prints."

On top of her fashion empire, Mendes said like so many other working moms, she still has trouble finding "balance."

"I just struggle like every other working mother," she said. "It's so hard, and I haven't figured out the balance at all."

Mendes also shared a sentiment that many working moms know all to well: "Leaving them is hard."

She said she takes comfort in the fact that "our older one ... she knows I'm coming back."

"She has 'mamitis,'" Mendes explained. "Cubans say ... like, it's 'momitis,' like, when she wants to just be with mama."

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