Did Meghan Markle's rescue dog take a ride with Queen Elizabeth?

Guy is Meghan’s 17-pound rescue beagle that she brought with her from Toronto.

Meghan’s dog, Guy, is a 17-pound beagle who is a rescue dog from Kentucky.

Guy is now living the royal life.

One photo has raised speculation that he rode in a car with none other than Queen Elizabeth ahead of Harry and Meghan's wedding Saturday at St. George's Chapel in Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth, known for surrounding herself with her beloved corgis, was photographed riding with a dog alongside her in the passenger seat. The photo sparked debate on whether it could be Guy, with people on social media even debating the size of the dog’s ears to determine whether it is actually Guy.

When Harry and Meghan's engagement was announced in November, Harry shared how Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis had immediately taken to Meghan over tea.

"The corgis took to you straight away," Harry, 33, said of Meghan, 36.

"I've spent the last 33 years being barked at; this one walks in, absolutely nothing," Harry said, adding they were "just wagging tails, and I was like, 'Argh.'"

Meghan added that the dogs were "just laying on my feet during tea. It was very sweet."

Meghan's dog, Guy, reportedly made his presence known on the couple's wedding day. One British newspaper reported the dog stole the show at the couple’s wedding reception by racing all over, eating all the leftovers.