Prince William, Kate made a surprise visit to Meghan amid rumors of royal rift

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is due to give birth at any minute.

"It was their first time visiting the new home," Scobie said Friday on "Good Morning America." "But of course Meghan wasn't at the service so it was also an opportunity for them to see how she is doing, check up on her."

News of the surprise visit to Meghan and Harry's new home in Windsor comes as rumors continue to swirl about a reported rift between the two couples, first between Meghan and Kate and more recently between brothers William and Harry.

Royal watchers look at each of their appearances for signs of discord and tensions in their body language.

Headlines blared when Harry did not walk to Sunday's Easter service with William and Kate, for example, while everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Kate and Harry appeared to share a few laughs as they arrived together at Thursday's Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey.

"Harry and Kate have always had a warm and close relationship," Scobie said. "You'd often see the two on engagements together laughing and joking, so yesterday's appearance at Westminster Abbey was a reminder of how close that relationship is and how it has remained throughout the years."

Even Harry and Meghan's move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage and the splitting of William and Harry's royal household were seen as evidence of discord, but those two steps were just signs of two men in their 30s moving forward in their lives, according to Scobie.

"It was inevitable that William and Harry would go their separate ways. They're both men in their 30s with different priorities" Scobie said. "But sources say the two of them are actually closer than they have been in a long time."

Scobie attributed the reports of troubles between the "Fab Four" royals to more about business than reality.

"It's the rumors between royal family members that will continue to drive sales of newspapers and tabloids here in the U.K.," he said.