RBG movie marathon: 'On the Basis of Sex' and 'RBG' returning to theaters in tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Both 2018 films about Ginsburg will return to select theaters this Friday.

Both 2018 films about Ginsburg will return to select theaters on Friday and are now available on VOD and streaming platforms.

Both film companies are donating net proceeds from the films’ theatrical re-release to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation to support the Women’s Rights Project, which Ginsburg co-founded in 1972.

Focus Features' "On the Basis of Sex" stars Felicity Jones as Ginsburg and Armie Hammer as her longtime husband, Martin D. Ginsburg. It follows Ruth Bader Ginsburg early in her career as she fights against gender discrimination.

Magnolia Pictures' Emmy-winning documentary, "RBG," chronicles Ginsburg’s rise to the Supreme Court and her unexpected status as a pop culture icon.

“Justice Ginsburg spent her life upholding fairness, the law, and the rights of all Americans. These films highlight only a small portion of her legacy to screen, but her vast impact on our country goes far beyond them,” Focus Features and Magnolia Pictures said in a joint statement. “We hope that moviegoers are re-inspired by her passion, her courage and take that back into the world.”

The film companies -- along with Participant, a partner on both the films -- are also launching a social media campaign in tribute to Ginsburg, asking fans to share posts about RBG using the hashtag #ThankYouRuth.