Mom’s glow-in-the-dark ghost hunt is an exciting way to trick-or-treat amid COVID-19

"I expanded it for the whole family."

A California mom is sharing a unique hack for families looking for an alternative to trick-or-treating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ashlee Nicholas, a fourth and fifth grade special education teacher and mother to 3-year-old Alexander, was thinking of ways her son and students could gather candy safely this year. She came across an Instagram post from a high school friend, which included a hunt for candy wrapped in ghosts made from tissue paper.

"I took one small part of it and made the [TikTok] video," Nicholas of the San Francisco Bay Area, told "Good Morning America." "I expanded it for the whole family."

Nicholas made several ghost hunt tutorial videos. In the first, she shows TikTok-ers how to hide candy inside the handmade ghosts. She even makes adult beverage ghosts, ghosts with pet treats and glow-in-the-dark ghosts using glow sticks.

Alexander, who is undecided on a costume, will hunt for the glow-in-the-dark ghosts at his grandparents' house on Halloween night.

Thousands watched Nicholas' ghost hunt tutorials, and offered even more tips for a safe Halloween 2020.

"It was almost like a little community," Nicholas said. "Everyone was sharing their ideas together and I loved it."

Nicholas said if you're hiding ghosts for kids with dietary restrictions like peanut allergies, plan on using different-colored tissue paper to craft your ghosts.