Little boy gives roses to nursing home residents, tickets for 'being too cute'

"Officer" Oliver wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

A boy is bringing smiles to the faces of the elderly residents of his local nursing home.

"Officer" Oliver Davis stopped by the Westchester Village of Lenexa senior center recently to pass out roses while wearing his police uniform. Oliver wants to be an officer when he grows up and he said that he enjoys showing kindness towards people.

"I like making people smile," Oliver told ABC News Monday. "It's one of my favorites."

Oliver's mother, Brandi Davis, said it was part of her son's New Year's resolution to visit more nursing homes. His visit to Westchester Village of Lenexa on April 13 made it the ninth facility Oliver visited in a year, she said.

Oliver made headlines in 2017 after he had 100 police officers from 10 different police stations across two states show up to his house where he thanked them by offering lemonade and various kinds of doughnuts.

"He believes he's an official policeman," Davis of Overland Park, Kansas, told ABC News. "We started talking about the idea of passing around flowers as his duty of a policeman, and he loved it."

The first time Oliver delivered roses to a nursing home in 2017, he received an honorary police badge from the Leawood Police Department in Kansas, his mother said.

Courtney O'Connor, the executive director of Westchester Village of Lenexa, said that along with roses, Oliver also handed out "violations" to the residents that read, "you have received a ticket for being too cute."

"They loved it, it made their whole week," O'Connor told ABC News. "He was just as great with the independent living residents as well as the healthcare living residents, [who are] less able to take care of themselves... it didn't even phase him. He was very caring and compassionate and gave everyone a hug."

Oliver hopes to continue delivering flowers for the remainder of the year.

ABC News' Enjoli Francis contributed to this report.