4-year-old twin girls dress as presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Koti and Haven have garnered millions of views on TikTok.

October 29, 2020, 3:28 PM

Twin 4-year-old sisters with big personalities are taking over TikTok in their 2020 election-themed Halloween costumes.

Footage showing Koti and Haven Garza dressed as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has garnered millions of views on the video sharing app.

Mom Adrea Garza, of Edmond, Oklahoma, told "Good Morning America" that her daughters were born right before the 2016 election and she knew she wanted them to dress as candidates in the future.

"I put it on my TikTok and it just blew up," Garza said. "I could've never imagined this would happen."

Garza's inspiration came from what the candidates wore during this year's first presidential debate. While Koti and Haven may not fully understand the concept of their costumes, Garza said they recognize Trump and Biden because the two men are often on television.

"Koti was Donald Trump. She has the face and lips and thumbs down. ... I don't even know where she picked it up, [maybe] from TV," Garza said. "Haven is Biden. Her favorite part of the costume is her white hair. She thought that was super cool."

Many followers loved Garza's idea, but others criticized her costume choice, saying the girls should've "dressed as princesses," Garza said.

"There's nothing wrong with dressing as a princess. My girls do it all the time," she added. "But there's nothing wrong with dressing as the president of the United States either."

On TikTok, political debates ensued in the comments section, though Garza said it hopefully encouraged Americans to get out and vote.

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