The desserts at NYC's LROOM Cafe are what Instagram dreams are made of

Behold their ice cream sundaes topped with flowers and a cloud of cotton candy.

June 5, 2019, 4:02 AM

LROOM Cafe, an online flower shop turned cafe experience in New York City, might be the "pop" your Instagram feed is in need of.

The cafe's menu is dreamlike with desserts such as the Cloud Nine, an ice cream sundae topped with fruit, edible flowers and a giant cloud of cotton candy, and the Rose Garden, an egg puff waffle surrounded by a mixture of edible flowers, fruit, whipped cream, and ice cream.

“I want to bring people’s dreams to real life,” Xue Ling, the cafe’s founder and owner, told "GMA."

Ling, who studied fashion design at the Parsons School of Design, said she grew interested in designing experiences around food and stories. LROOM is designed after her own imagination and she said she hopes she can give customers a dreamy experience.

“I want to share this whole imaginations to people. That’s why I built up a place that brings dreams to real life; that people can engage with my stories,” she told “GMA.”

PHOTO: Angeline Bernabe and Faith Bernstein enjoying drinks at LROOM Cafe.
Angeline Bernabe and Faith Bernstein enjoying drinks at LROOM Cafe.

LROOM originally operated as an online flower shop for three years. Ling eventually expanded the idea and integrated the flower shop into a whole cafe experience. The cafe's minimalist interior, floral shop and display, and the uniquely-decorated desserts make the whole cafe perfect for the curated world of Instagram.

While choosing a favorite dessert is hard, she said she particularly loves the Rose Garden egg waffle dessert because it represents the cafe's purpose.

“It really reminds people about LROOM cafe because it’s like a garden that falls into their world,” she said.

Ling traveled around the world to learn about pastries and partnered with pastry chef Carla Di Virgilio to create elaborate desserts for LROOM. Other special items on the menu include pastries that are shaped and designed to look exactly like apples, strawberries, lemons, and even baos, but are far from being the real thing!

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