Meet the 'pilot' pup that has flown thousands of miles

Bria the dog has flown thousands of miles with her owner/pilot Charles Gregg.

Meet the 'pilot' pup that has flown thousands of miles
Courtesy Charles Gregg
June 4, 2019, 4:07 AM

Bria is a 6-year-old dog who has flown thousands of miles with her owner, pilot Charles Gregg -- who is also the co-founder of boutique airline Air Unlimited.

"Our love is flying with pets," Gregg told "Good Morning America."

Together, Gregg and Bria have flown from Florida to places like Colorado and the Bahamas.

Bria has flown from Florida to the Bahamas and Colorado.
Courtesy Charles Gregg

Gregg first got Bria when she was a puppy and says she has never had a problem with flying.

On an average day, Bria can be found hanging out in the airline hangar and sitting in the pilot's seat.

"We loving having our dog with us; she's like a member of our family," Gregg said.

Air Unlimited says they see more than 200,000 passengers a year and they love flying with their pets.

Safety is key when it comes to flying, so Gregg allows multiple dogs to fly together, but only if they already know each other.

"We avoid having unfamiliar pets come on board," Gregg says.

Gregg estimates he has flown around 100 dogs to various locations.

He even bought a set of mutt muffs to put over dog's ears in case the noise bothers the dogs.

Bria is a fabulous co-pilot who has flown thousands of miles.
Courtesy Charles Gregg

Keep on soarin' Bria!

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