Teen serving serious prom poses gets love from millions on Facebook

Livi Dorsey, 18, attended prom with Jawon Kimmons, 18.

An Indiana girl is spreading smiles by the millions with her vogue-like prom poses and contagious spirit.

Livi Dorsey, 18, attended the Terre Haute North Vigo High School prom with Jawon Kimmons, 18, on April 17.

As the pair prepared to take photos, their families encouraged them to switch up their poses.

Livi's showstopping moves were shared on Facebook in a post that garnered 1.9 million views.

"It touched people because it was an innocent moment," Livi's dad, Cliff Dorsey, of Terre Haute, Indiana, told "Good Morning America." "Her personality is really like that. She loves Beyonce -- she blasts her music in her room. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world."

Livi is a junior at South Vegal High School, but accompanied Jawon, a family friend, to his prom at North Vegal.

Jawon's mother Doretha Kimmons, said her son asked Livi to be his date while they were at church.

"He gave her a gift basket with a teddy bear, a big bar of chocolate and roses," Kimmons told "GMA." "He's not very verbal because he has autism. I have a very good friend...she made him a sign that said, 'Will you go to the prom with me?'"

Both Dorsey and Kimmons said they're thrilled that the world is showing their kids so much love.

"It's just mind-blowing how viral that went -- it's just beautiful," Kimmons said. "I had never been around a person with Down syndrome, but it was just amazing to me to see her [reaction]. Everyone was cheering her on."

Jawon and Livi will be going to prom together again next year, Kimmons said.