Why It Matters: Abby Huntsman says education is the 'key to unlocking the American Dream'

"Democracy depends on well-educated and engaged citizens," Huntsman said.

The issue: Education

For Abby Huntsman, the most important issue in our country right now is "education," an issue she says "is key to unlocking the American Dream."

This issue is what is driving her to vote this election, said Huntsman, adding that we "owe it" to our children, and our children's children, to "get education right."

"It keeps us the most competitive country in the world," the co-host of "The View" said. "We owe it to ourselves, and most importantly we owe it to the generations after us, to get education right."

"I hear all the time from people," she said, "about how important education is, it impacts every single one of us, if we do not have an educated electorate, what do we have?"

What's at stake?

"What's at stake is everything," Huntsman said. "Because democracy depends on well-educated and engaged citizens."

Huntsman added that education doesn't require a one-size-fits-all solution.

"The best thing we can do for the next generation coming up," according to Huntsman, is to "give them the skills that they need to succeed."

"That means that maybe they go to a 2-year institution, give them the tools they need to be good at what they do, and to make this country and make their life better," she said. "That is something I'm passionate about, but that is something I hear from all walks of life."

"If we don't get our education right," she added, "then what do we have? Who are we?"