We recreated Lady Gaga’s Oscars look with the man behind her most iconic hairstyles

Frederic Aspiras has been Lady Gaga's hairstylist for more than a decade.

Lady Gaga might live for the applause, but we are living for the man behind her most iconic hairstyles.

Frederic Aspiras has been Gaga's go-to hairdresser for more than a decade.

"Gaga and I first connected when she was looking for a hairstylist to do the Monster Ball theater show," Aspiras told "Good Morning America." "I was available because I knew how to do wigs and that's how our relationship began."

Fast forward to 2019 and it seems like Gaga's style has evolved so much over the last 10 years. Aspiras feels that's not the case.

"People say her style has evolved, and I've been with her for over a decade and I think she's always been like that," Aspiras said. "One day she's a lady and the next day she's Gaga, and then, you know, you put it together and it's Lady Gaga."

Still, Gaga changes her hair a lot, which can take toll on her strands. Aspiras secret when it comes to keeping her hair healthy is Joico's Defy Damage.

"After all the amount of styling and product that we put on her hair, having a product like Joico Defy Damage is the easiest thing that saves hair from breakage," Aspiras said. "I never, ever start her hair without using that."

Of course, one of Gaga's most iconic looks was her appearance at the 2019 Oscars. From sleek black gloves to an elaborate updo, she embodied Old Hollywood glam.

"We did a little touch of an ode to 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and Audrey Hepburn," explained Aspiras. "I think bringing back Old Hollywood in that way was a really beautiful moment for her first time being nominated as an actress."

As we kick off our award season coverage, Aspiras showed us how to create a Lady Gaga-inspired updo that's sure to catch everyone's eye on the red carpet.

1. Prep hair with shampoo and conditioner.

"I always start with fresh, clean hair," said Aspiras. "To keep Gaga's hair brighter and lighter, I use Blonde Life violet shampoo."

2. Section hair into two halves, one from the top of the crown and one from the nape of the neck.

"Updos can be difficult at times, but it can also be fairly easy," Aspiras explained. "Take two sections in half of the head, and start at the back and roll it up, and clip it and pin it."

3. Add dry shampoo as you style to add grit and texture.

"When you're putting hair up, it adds grit and texture so that it holds better and the pins don't slip out," Aspiras told "GMA."

4. Using a boar bristle flat brush, tease sectioned hair and begin to build it upward.

"Basically, what we did with Gaga's hair for the Oscars was that we added different shapes and sizes to her head," Aspiras said. He went on to explain they did it so when she turned around and was taking pictures on the carpet, her hair could be seen from different angles.

5. Layer hairspray through the hair.

"As you're going along, you're layering on a little bit of hairspray to clean it up," said Aspiras.

6. Take a rat-tail comb to pull through and lift some of the top pieces of hair.

Aspiras recommends using the comb instead of your finger because you want to be as delicate as possible as you get to the top of your head.

7. Make the style yours!

Although this look is Gaga-inspired, no two updos are alike.

"Every updo can be personal and individualized to celebrate your own personal identity, and that's great!"