Rihanna debuts much-anticipated Fenty fashion line

It's a luxury line inspired by female fashion activism from the 1960s.

Rihanna has officially made history as the first woman and person of color to launch a line with LVMH. Now, it's finally here, and available to shop.

The debut Fenty fashion pieces include a full range of everything from outerwear and dresses to accessories and shoes.

All items are available to buy on Fenty's website and come with luxury price tags ranging from about $180 to $1,100.

"Well I was planning on buying something but the jacket I wanted costs more than what I make in a month," wrote Twitter user @rycanine.

Another Twitter user, @jocaract, chimed in with opposing thoughts saying, "But sis, it's a luxury brand how did you expect the prices to be cheap?"

Standout items include corset dresses like the white denim one Rihanna wore during a Fenty launch event in Paris, as well as colorful strappy sandals that are perfect for summer.

In addition to the unique styles featured in the new collection, the diverse group of models cast to showcase the line has been equally inspiring.

JoAni Johnson landed a gig as one of the faces for Fenty at 67 years old.

"Representation matters," Johnson wrote on Instagram. "It always has and this @Fenty campaign is so excellent and so important for multiple reasons in 2019."

Prior to Rihanna's latest endeavor, she was also given major kuddos for previously launching her inclusive cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, as well as her Savage x Fenty lingerie collection that caters to a wide array of body types.

"Pressure? Of course... I’m passionate about what I do, so there’s pressure every single second," Rihanna said in an interview with "the Associated Press." "It’s not like crumbling pressure, but it’s like: 'You better get it good, girl.'"

"This is a moment in history...It’s a big deal for me and my entire generation."