Where in the world will millennials travel in 2019?

Hopper has the answer:

Bora Bora

St. Martin

Aspen, Colorado

Denpasar, Indonesia (Bali)

Kahului, Hawaii (Maui).

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The app, primarily used by millennials, analyzed millions of trips being searched in the app for 2019.

Why these places? According to Liana Corwin of Hopper, "From skiing in Aspen to snorkeling in the lagoons of Bora Bora, these destinations offer lots of adventure and rich experiences."

And much of the decision making starts on social media.

"There are nearly 360 million posts using #travel on Instagram so it has become a huge source of inspiration for many millennials as they choose their next getaway," Corwin said.

With that in mind, we've selected a few fabulous photos to inspire your wanderlust.

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I'M GOING, GOING... BACK, BACK TO BALI, BALI!!! There is no greater feeling than returning to a place you feel so deeply connected with. I found my zen in Bali, and I'm back for more! Though I've toyed with the idea of getting an apartment here, my life/travel schedule quickly hinted otherwise. But whether I have an address here or not, this island will always feel the closest like home. If the news has made it to your screens, yes Bali is expecting a volcano to erupt in the east part of the island. But no, that doesn't put me in any imminent danger, as I'm literally on the other side of the island. I truly appreciate the concern, but just remember how the media over-sensationalize everything for ratings. We (the majority of tourists) are safe and sound and things are operating as usual. But please do pray for the 30,000+ locals who've had to evacuate their villages and small towns in the nearby area. ?? She'll be erupting any day now. We have face masks on standby. I swear Mother Nature will birth a rainbow and a tsunami in the same breath like it's nothing. #PMSing Anyways, you can check my IG stories for some airborne vibes, a new hairdo, and a familiar face y'all might recognize ?? Crazy week, but so good to be black! *COUGH* I mean, BACK ?? Photo Credit | @dakotaadan

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My corner office.

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