Need a skin refresh?: Try these DIY face masks from celebrity DJ Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman shares her beauty tips in her new book "Do What Feels Good."

Bronfman, 30, the founder of HBFIT, a wellness and lifestyle website, has put her beauty secrets in a new book, “Do What Feels Good.”

In the book, the Instagram influencer, with nearly half a million followers, shares why she believes being healthy is beautiful and should feel good, and how people can make that happen.

With a busy lifestyle, Bronfman has developed three strategies for staying healthy while on the go.

1. Pack vitamins ahead of time: "I find that when I’m running around and focusing on a million things the first thing that slips is my vitamin routine. If I have a travel case I will make sure the night before that it’s filled properly and placed my purse so that I have no excuse not to take them."

2. Prep for snacks: "Even if you don’t have time to meal prep for the whole week, boiling eggs, roasting nuts, or even grabbing an apple with a small packet of almond butter that you can throw in your bag will help curb hunger on the go."

3. Make your water do more for you: "I recently purchased a Berky water bottle and now I can drink clean water anywhere. This filter system is amazing and if you’re drinking plenty of water, everything from your skin to your bowels will be thanking you."

Bronfman also shared the secrets to her glowing skin Thursday on "GMA Day."

Try these three face mask recipes from Bronfman's new book, "Do What Feels Good."

Mask to tighten and brighten your skin

"Egg white tightens, lemon brightens: This mask is made for skin that’s lost its luster. If you’re feeling like your skin is looking a little dull, look no farther than pearl powder. When it comes to honey, manuka has the most minerals and nutrients around, and lemons offer vitamin C and citric acid, both of which brighten skin."


1 egg white, whipped

1/2 tablespoon raw manuka honey

1/2 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice

3 teaspoons pearl powder (Available at and other retailers.)


Blend all ingredients in blender or whip together with a whisk.


Apply to the face with a fan brush or your fingers and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Mask to hydrate your skin

"More hydration because if you have dry skin, you can never get enough. This mask uses avocado, honey and yogurt. You can use dairy yogurt with probiotics or the homemade coconut kind."


Two tablespoons of avocado, room temperature

One tablespoon of honey

Two tablespoons of yogurt


Mix the avocado with the honey, then mix in the yogurt.


Smooth on skin, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.

Mask to clarify your skin

If you have oily skin you know it, and you’ll appreciate this bentonite mask for its clarifying benefits. Witch hazel, honey, and aloe soothe and soften while bentonite does it job of drawing toxins out of the skin.


1 1/2 tablespoons bentonite clay

1 tablespoon witch hazel

1 tablespoon raw honey

2 teaspoons aloe vera gel


Whip all ingredients with a wooden spoon till blended to a smooth consistency.


Smoothe on skin and leave on until it starts to tighten.

Reprinted with permission from "Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to Treat Your Body Right by Hannah Bronfman, published by Harper Wave, an imprint of Harper Collins.