My Wellness Routine: 5 steps celeb trainer Simone De La Rue takes to feel good every day

5 wellness tips from celeb trainer Simone De La Rue

Personal trainer to the stars Simone De La Rue used to be a musical theater performer who would perform into the late night hours and sleep in until 10 a.m.

But De La Rue's lifestyle changed when she made the leap into the fitness world, where she now counts Jennifer Garner and Chrissy Teigen among her celebrity clients.

"I’m usually up before the sun depending on the time of year — around 5 a.m.," she told "Good Morning America." "I’ve had to shift my routine to accommodate my clients, opening studios and running businesses in different time zones,."

De La Rue now runs Body By Simone studios in New York City and Los Angeles and has her own app, BBS, where users can take live BBS Studio classes.

She invited "GMA" into her West Hollywood studio for a glimpse of the five daily steps that make up her wellness routine.

1. I drink green tea

I like to start the day with a cleansing green tea.

I love starting my day with green tea because it gives me a boost of energy without the jitters like a cup of coffee.

I also think it's cleansing and boosts my metabolism.

2. I foam roll

Foam rolling is essential because I am a trainer and I work out at least five hours a day.

I grew up as a professional dancer so [it's] part of the self-love and repair that we're taught.

Stretching and foam rolling in the morning helps me start my day in a positive frame of mind. It helps me focus and wake my body up for a productive day.

I use it as a time to warm up, bring blood to my muscles and wake up my joints.

3. I take care of business

A huge part of my day is running my business and building the brand.

Body by Simone was created because I was trying to find a way to bring my love and joy of dance into people's lives.

I've had the business now for seven years.

My mom asked me the other day, "Simmy, when will this end?," and I [said], "It will never end because I love it so much."

4. I workout

I workout a lot, but that's my job. I get paid to do it.

My favorite workout is probably dance cardio. It's an amazing workout.

You can burn like 600 calories in one hour.

I’m definitely a morning person, which means I get very tired in the evening, but one early morning workout will get me going and energize me. It’s like my morning cup of coffee.

5. I write in a journal to unwind

I will literally just sit there and just, like, write whatever my thoughts are for the day or any thoughts I have for the following day.

If I skip journaling, I find that it's more difficult for me to sleep because I still have to process those thoughts so they come out in crazy dreams.

It's a wonderful chance to unwind, let my mind be still and to quiet the madness.

I think having moments of gratitude and saying positive affirmations helps to ground me and put me in a wonderful place to attack the day and be grateful for everything I have so that I’m able to inspire people around me.

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