Easy Tips to Make Dinner Healthier

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Are you looking for a way you make your favorite dishes healthier? Or maybe you're trying to lose some of the holiday weight? Here are seven simple cooking swaps from Diane Henderiks that will cut calories without sacrificing taste.

Added Oil vs. Broth

One tablespoon of olive oil has 125 calories and one cup of broth has 25 calories. Leave out the oil and try vegetable or chicken broth instead.

Salt vs. Herbs

VIDEO: Tips and tricks for healthier cooking in the new year.Play
Seven Culinary Ideas

Fresh or dried herbs, zests and spices are great alternatives to added salt.

Oil in Dressing vs. Juice

Fruit juices, pureed fruits, nectars and water can add flavor and nutrients to your salad without all the calories.

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Cream vs. Skim Milk

Creamy, hearty winter soups are a staple in the colder months, but heavy cream packs a lot of calories and fat. Try substituting skim milk, flour, potatoes or white beans.

Meat vs. Vegetables

Instead of having meat for dinner every night, try a meatless Monday. It's healthier and can be just as satisfying.

Frying vs. Oven Frying

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With just a small amount of oil you can have a delicious baked dinner with less fat and calories.

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