Should I Tell My Employer Or My School Administrator That I Have Bipolar Disorder?

Question: Should I tell my employer or my school that I have bipolar disorder?

Answer: The decision to tell your school or employer that you have bipolar disorder is a very personal one and there's really no right answer here.

Some people choose to disclose and to let the school or work know what's going on, and that can be a good thing, because people around you who spend most of the day with you can be supportive and can be available in case there's issues going on.

But, at the same time, it's a very personal, sensitive medical condition and so it would be alright to also not share.

Certainly if one chose to disclose that information it's important to know that that would be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and so that your employer or the school wouldn't be able to discriminate against you based on that.

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