What Is The Best Way To Treat Pain After Surgery?

Dr. Eugene Viscusi answers the question: 'Best Way To Treat Pain After Surgery?'

— -- Question: What Is The Best Way To Treat Pain After Surgery?

Answer: We know that the process by which pain gets from the site of injury to the brain involves a number of pathways of transmission.

Therefore, the best way to treat post-operative pain is likely to involve many drugs that target those many many pathways. This also gives us a better balance of the pain relief and the side effects of those specific drugs.

We're likely to use a variety of drugs such as acetaminophen, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, morphine drugs or the opioids. We're also more frequently using the antineuropathic agents, local anesthetics. You are also likely to encounter an epidural or a peripheral nerve block for more aggressive and painful procedures.

What is most important is that the decision to use these drugs and techniques and their combination involves the decision of the surgeon, the patient and the anesthesiologist.

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