Sobering Tips for a Hangover Headache

The holidays may be a time for merriment, but for some they're a time for excessive drink and the headache that can follow. Here are some tips from the National Headache Foundation to help soften the blow of a hangover.

Drink alcohol in moderation and sip slowly. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This can decrease how much you drink overall. It may be helpful to request a glass of water when ordering an alcoholic drink.

Avoid red wine. Wine contains congeners — chemicals that gives wine a particular taste and may cause headaches. Red wine has more congeners than white wine.

Pass on drinking shots. The fruit and vegetable juice in mixed drinks will likely help them to have a smaller impact than straight alcohol.

Have some honey or fruit juice. Fructose — a sugar that helps the body break down alcohol — may also help curb hangover symptoms. Two tablespoons of honey (before or after drinking) may actually prevent a hangover.

Have a hamburger and fries. Eating a greasy meal before drinking helps to line the intestines and prolongs alcohol absorption.

Have some coffee. Headaches are caused by dilation of the blood vessels in the head. Caffeine may help to constrict them and alleviate the pain.

Take ibuprofen. It is usually easier on the stomach than aspirin.

Have some salty broth or bouillon. Fluids with minerals and salts can help with the dehydration often associated with drinking alcohol.

Enjoy the holidays, and drive safely. For more information, go to