'GMA' Live Stream Workout: Julianne Hough's Favorite Cardio Dance Routine

Hough is sharing her wellness tips to shake up your fitness routine.

"We do lots of mat work, body-weight moves and free weights," Hough told "Good Morning America." "The trampoline cardio might sound crazy, but it's a great low-impact option. As a dancer, you've got to take good care of your knees!"

"It's important to remember that it’s not about getting the steps right, but just about keeping your heart rate up and having a good time," Hough told "GMA."

Watch the video above to join the live-stream workout. Read below for all you need to know about the Body by Simone routine and more lifestyle tips from Hough.

"For me, I like it because it's definitely like a detoxifying thing but it also just gives you so much energy without the coffee," Hough said today on "GMA." "The things that I really like is kale and spinach and ginger...but if you need a little bit of sweetness you can put some carrot in there, some apple or pear, whatever you want."

Hough drinks hot water with lemon in the morning on her way to a workout.

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