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Spanish soldiers find corpses inside nursing home while disinfecting for coronavirus

The Interior Ministry has launched an investigation following the discovery.

Members of the Spanish Armed Forces made a disturbing discovery as they disinfected nursing homes in the battle against the country's rising number of novel coronavirus cases.

Soldiers found corpses left behind in their beds at nursing homes in at least four locations, two government sources told ABC News on Tuesday.

They also found elderly residents living in extreme and unsanitary conditions, without having received appropriate care, according to the sources.

Nursing homes in Spain have seen drastic cuts to staffing amid the pandemic, with many being reduced to only essential workers who are reportedly overwhelmed and unable to meet all the demands, a Spanish Interior Ministry official told ABC News.

The sources did not disclose where the nursing homes were located, but they said that an investigation by the Interior Ministry had been launched.

Supreme Court Prosecutor Manuel Dolz Lago will be in charge of the case.

Spain is among the countries that have been hit the hardest by the virus.

The country has 39,600 cases, making it the fourth most affected region behind China, Italy and the United States. At least 2,800 people have died.

The revelation about the nursing homes comes on the same day that preparations were being made to turn an ice rink in Madrid into a makeshift morgue for coronavirus victims.

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