Sex scandal sweeps through South Korean music industry

Jung Joon-young has announced his retirement from show business.

March 14, 2019, 1:17 PM

SEOUL, South Korea -- Several famous South Korean musicians were swept up in a sex scandal this week, prompting a few retirement announcements and shocking the country.

Singer and television celebrity Jung Joon-young admitted on Wednesday to secretly filming and sharing sex videos with a chat group on a social media app.

Jung Joon-young apologized to his victims and his fans in a public statement on Wednesday.

“I admit all my crimes,” Jung wrote. “I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a social network chat room, and acted without feeling any sense of guilt doing so.”

Jung is under investigation for crimes of a sexual nature, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed to ABC News.Another K-pop star, Choi Jong-hun, a member of the South Korean rock band FT Island, was one of the participants in the chat involving Jung’s sex videos. In those conversations, he allegedly detailed his own drink driving incident from 2016 which was not previously known to the public.

Choi has also announced his retirement.

“I’m leaving my team today and putting an end to being in the show business,” Choi wrote in an Instagram post. “I will reflect on my wrongdoing for the rest of my life, not feeling guilty about thoughtless words and actions.”

Yong Jun-hyung, a k-pop star from the boy band Highlight, was also swept up in the scandal. “I admit having inappropriate conversations after receiving a video from Jung Joon-young,” Yong wrote on his Instagram. “My behaviors were very unethical and stupid.”Seungri, a member of boy band Big Bang, who was also included in the chat, is now under investigation for sex bribery, according to Yonhap News.

Jung was accused in 2016 of allegedly filming his ex-girlfriend during sex without her permission, according to the IBT Times. Those charges were eventually dropped.

Jung made his debut on the South Korea K-pop scene through a talent show called “Superstar K 4” in 2012. He gained popularity by releasing rock music albums and starring in TV shows.

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