Ayesha Curry on Passion for Food and New Cookbook, and Steph Talks Motivation for New Season

“It's unbelievable because it’s her passion," Steph Curry said of the book.

September 19, 2016, 8:24 AM

— -- Ayesha Curry is a self-taught food maven whose recipes and lifestyle tips have earned her more than 4 million followers on social media and frequent appearances on hit cooking shows. Now she’s sharing her passion in her first cookbook: “The Seasoned Life.”

"GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts chatted with Curry about her book and upcoming cooking show and with Stephen Curry about how he and fellow Golden State Warriors would tackle the new NBA season.

Ayesha Curry told Roberts that her passion for cooking was formed from childhood.

“Growing up I just remember always being in the kitchen ...,” she said, adding that food “gets people talking and it makes people feel things and that's why I love it so much.”

Her husband and their two daughters, Riley and Ryan, are her very own taste testers.

“It was Stephen who one day said, ‘Everybody's always asking for your recipes ... Why don't you start a blog?’” she recalled.

The popularity of that blog led to the book. Asked what she hoped readers would get from “The Seasoned Life,” Curry replied: “I want them to know that it's never that serious. And it doesn't have to be perfect ... But it can be delicious and it can be quick and it can be easy.”

She’s not done just yet. After appearing as a guest on “The Rachael Ray Show” and “Chopped,” she’s making her Food Network debut in her own show, “Ayesha’s Homemade.”

Curry, 27, says she wants her viewers to have “fun with food and feel like they can have company over, people in the kitchen and still prepare a meal and even get people involved. And so you'll see bits and pieces of our family and some of our closest friends.”

Despite her hectic schedule, she still manages to make it to nearly all her husband’s home games. One of her live tweets even landed her in hot water with fans after she described the NBA as “rigged” after her husband was fouled out of a game during the hotly contested finals. She later apologized for the tweet.

“I'm in love with my husband and so I was protective ... It's hard to portray your personality in 140 characters,” she explained. “And so at times I tend to be very cynical. And I don't think that comes across very well on social media.”

Although she’s supportive of her husband’s career, Curry said she doesn’t like to call herself “a basketball wife.

“I like to say I'm just a young woman who happened to marry somebody that ended up playing basketball. And for him I don't think he would identify himself as a basketball player. He's a young man of God placed in a great position doing what he loves, playing basketball,” she said.

Stephen and Ayesha’s older daughter, 4-year-old Riley, made a name for herself when her antics during a post-game news conference went viral on social media. The girl’s mother said her daughter has no idea of the scope of her popularity.

“And I really want to keep it that way ...,” Ayesha Curry said. “But she's sassy. She's a big ball of energy. And we wouldn't change a thing about her.”

Steph Curry, 28, is as supportive of his wife as she is of him. Asked how he felt about her book, the NBA phenom replied: “It's unbelievable because it’s her passion.”

As for Curry himself, he said he’s ready to get back to work. After a nearly perfect season, his Golden State Warriors lost the 2016 NBA championship title to the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers.

One big addition to the Golden State Warriors is NBA powerhouse Kevin Durant, who stunned basketball players and fans alike when he announced earlier this year that he was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors.

“You have to be excited about what we could be going for with adding KD [Durant] and our core guys that we have, me, Klay [Thompson], Draymond [Green], Andre [Iguodala], Shaun [Livingston]. It's going to be amazing ... It's not going to be, you know, an easy transition. But, you know, it's going be something [we’ve] really got to focus on. But looking forward to it,” he said.

Losing the championship “still hurts,” he said, but he noted that the loss would provide motivation.

“Having been on the other side ... winning a championship, being on, you know, the losing end and knowing what that feels like, there's no more better fuel to get ready for this year,” he said.

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