'Family Guy' writer Gary Janetti on why people shouldn't wear sweatpants on planes

Author expresses his frustration with the appearance of travelers.

July 9, 2024, 4:08 PM

'Family Guy' writer Gary Janetti has a disdain for people wearing flip-flops on planes, which he relays in his new book of essays, "We Are Experiencing a Slight Delay."

Janetti documents his journeys in his new book, including why he detests casual attire while flying and tells ABC News that people should wear button-up shirts and pants and avoid sweatpants while traveling on a plane.

He also has a rule that he never checks luggage, bringing only a carry-on, no matter how long the trip is.

ABC News sat down with Janetti to discuss his book in more detail.

ABC NEWS: Writer and producer for shows like 'Will and Grace' and 'Family Guy,' it's likely you've been laughing at Gary Janetti's hilarious observations for quite some time. Janetti is also the best-selling author of collected essays, 'Start Without Me' and 'Do You Mind If I Cancel' and has picked up his pen once again for his new book, "We Are Experiencing a Slight Delay." Sharing reflections and more than a little advice from his globetrotting travels. Gary, thank you so much for coming back on the show.

JANETTI: Of course. Thanks for having me, Linsey.

ABC NEWS: All right, so let's start with a little lightning round, because I know you need to be loosened up. OK, so your opinion about these things. Sweatpants on an airplane?

JANETTI: Yeah. No. sweatpants. I mean. I don't know.

ABC NEWS: Why? That's totally me.

JANETTI: I don't think you need to travel. It looks like at the airport, too many people are on Day 5 of the flu, like they've been in bed for a week.

ABC NEWS: They're in pajamas.

JANETTI: How comfortable do you have to be to get on a three-hour flight? I mean, I don't know, you could have, like, pants that button or a shirt that buttons. Yeah, I'm not for. I feel like you could put sweatpants on, like, if you're going to bed on the plane or something like that.

ABC NEWS: OK. Overnight flights only.

JANETTI: I think so.

ABC NEWS: Even then maybe.

JANETTI: Overnight flights. Yes, I'll give you that Linsey. An overnight flight.

ABC NEWS: Checked bags versus carry-on.

JANETTI: Always a carry-on. I never check a bag, only carry-on. I've. My feeling is 'take a carry-on.' Take three days' worth of clothes and do laundry. Never do laundry at the hotel, by the way. That's the biggest scam there is.

ABC NEWS: I agree with you.

JANETTI: It'll be $300 to do. Like what? Like it's insanity. No. And you find a local laundromat. It's $20. It'll look like you live wherever you are. I'm in Paris and I'm picking up my laundry. Fantastic. €20 and you just wash everything. Put it back in.

ABC NEWS: Perfect length of a vacation.

JANETTI: OK? Perfect length of vacation is probably about 11 days.

ABC NEWS: Oh, wow that's a good amount of time.

JANETTI: Yeah, two weeks can be a little, you know, stretching it. It's hard, you know, but if you stretch it, you want to be someplace 10 days and I'm going to give you a day to rest. But at least 10 days. I think 11 days is good.

ABC NEWS: I'm with that. I just have to make sure I can get all that time off all at the same time. All right, so you start out this book dropping out maybe half-dozen F-bombs, talking about this trip to Italy that involves a lot of hiking. Then you really turn around talking about how much you enjoyed spending the time with strangers and meeting new people. What's the ultimate takeaway for the reader here?

JANETTI: In this case, I felt like, yeah, I did all that when I was in my 20s. I don't need to meet all these new people and do all of these things that really make me feel kind of uncomfortable. But suddenly I was like, it was fabulous, you know? And I allowed myself to kind of have that experience, and I was really glad that I did. In the end.

ABC NEWS: You described yourself as feeling like you were 35 all over again when you revisited Mykonos, the Greek island where you first met your husband. Why do you think it's important to to go back to some of those places that we've already been to?

JANETTI: Yeah, well, what's nice when you go back, like I met my husband in Mykonos 23 years ago, just the other day, and we go back frequently and we try not to be like, oh, make it too precious. Like, you know, don't go back and make it seem like everything has to be like the first time because you're setting yourself up for disaster, you know? But if you go to some place that's familiar, you don't have to worry about seeing all the things you need to see. You can just let it. You know, you can just have fun, kind of walk around as if you live there.

ABC NEWS: And, you know, I've been running into most of them older people. Who are saying, you know, I really want to go to this place or this continent or have this experience in this country. But then they said, but I don't want to get on the plane. And they really there's a fear maybe. And and so what would you say tips for those who maybe have some anxiety about going out of the country, perhaps for the first time?

JANETTI: Yeah, I'd take a Xanax the first month or something like that. You know, overcome it, just, you know, push through it and do it. There's a I think sometimes we can it's easy to use something as an excuse to, to prevent us from going, oh, I can't get the time off work. I don't want to pack. What would I bring? I don't speak the language. I don't speak any other.

I mean, I'm not proud of it, but I don't speak any other language, and it's never stopped me from going anywhere. I'm always, if you're kind, when you travel and you make an effort, it goes a long way. And travel alone. I always say get, you know, when you're waiting for another person if you travel alone. I still travel alone. And I've been with Brad for 23 years, but we still independently travel, and there's nothing like arriving someplace alone and nobody knows who you are. So they have no expectations of you, and you can kind of really have a different experience than you would have if you were with anybody else.

ABC NEWS: All very good tips, Gary.

JANETTI: Is it? OK, good.

ABC NEWS: We thank you. It's always so much fun when you stop by. I got to write another book that's the cost of entry.

JANETTI: I can come back in two years just to see you. I'm going to write.

ABC NEWS: I want to let our viewers know "We Are Experiencing A Slight Delay: Tips, Tales and Travels" by Gary Janetti goes on sale Tuesday [July 9], which is tomorrow.