Fast-food employee comes to the rescue of diabetic woman at drive-through window

Rebecca Boening approached Tina Hardy's drive-through window.

— -- Texas resident Rebecca Boening was driving on Dec. 8 when she felt her blood sugar level dropping.

"My heart was racing, which are all symptoms for low blood sugar," she said.

She immediately pulled off the highway in Amarillo, Texas, when she spotted a Burger King near the exit.

"I pulled up to the drive-through," she recalled, "and I was trying to figure out what I could eat that would bring my blood sugar up but not too far up. It’s a real balancing act."

Boening, 61, remembered having difficulty ordering. She was slurring her words.

Tina Hardy, who was working the drive-through window that day, remembered too.

"She ordered ice cream and a coke. I asked her if there was something wrong. She said that she was diabetic and that her blood sugar was getting low," Hardy told ABC News.

Hardy, 32, told Boening she'd meet her at the window with the ice cream, knowing it was critical that Boening increase her blood sugar as soon as possible.

Hardy's husband of nearly five years, Patrick Green, is diabetic too.

"I learned how to help him and used my knowledge to help her," said Hardy.

Hardy then checked on Boening before she got back on the road, ready to call 911 if necessary.

"And about 30 minutes went by, and when she got better, she came back to my window," Hardy said.

Boening said she couldn't leave without thanking Hardy. "Afterward, I appreciated what she had done for me. She went out of her way," she said.

Boening told Hardy's manager what happened and posted the account on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, with more than 400,000 likes.

The two women have kept in touch. "We talk every day," Hardy said. "She's a very lovely lady."

Boening is even attempting to pay Hardy back by buying her a car to get to and from work. "She's a mother of three," Boening said.