Mom Celebrates Pregnancy After 6 Miscarriages With Rainbow Photo Shoot

Jessica Mahoney wanted to celebrate with a rainbow theme.

— -- After enduring six miscarriages, one couple is celebrating their pregnancy with a rainbow-themed photo shoot -- a nod to weathering the storm of their struggles.

When Kevin Mahoney realized his wife Jessica was further in her pregnancy than ever before, he wanted to celebrate their milestone with a photoshoot. So he called his neighbor, photographer JoAnn Marrero, to stage a photo shoot.

Marrero, whose been a professional photographer for 15 years, told ABC News, "Kevin came over and said, 'We're good to go. Everything is going well. She's gone further than she has ever before. He really wanted to do something special for her."

The Hartford County, CT couple struggled with fertility issues after having their first child, a son named Corbin, four years ago.

"When she had Corbin she never took any pregnancy photos aside from cellphone pictures," Marrero said, adding that she wanted to do "something really special."

Marrero tapped her mentor Mary Maloney to help execute the photo shoot, which featured multi-colored smoke bombs in a location near the Connecticut River.

To get their perfect picture, the photographer said it took about 15-20 minutes.

"It was so much fun," Marrero added. "I was just stressed about all the smoke bombs going off ... but it was actually quite fun."

The photographer said her neighbors also loved the photos, sharing them on Facebook.

"Jess was thrilled. She was very excited," Marrero recalled. "She was really looking forward to having something that nobody had done before."