Wife Surprises Husband With Baby Food Taste Test to Announce Pregnancy

YouTube star Cory Williams thought he was just doing a blindfolded taste test.

— -- A YouTube video blogger who documents his entire life on camera had the cameras rolling when he found out he was going to be a dad, but it was his wife who delivered the news with a surprise twist.

Cory Williams, 34, was editing a video at the Eagle River, Alaska, home he shares with his wife, Kristen, when she asked him to go into the kitchen to film a video.

“I was in the middle of editing one of my videos and was super busy so I wasn’t thinking about anything else,” Williams, a California native who works on YouTube videos full-time, told ABC News. “But she convinced me.”

Once inside the kitchen, Kristen, 28, an engineer, told her husband of six months that she wanted him to do a blindfolded taste test.

With Williams blindfolded, Kristen handed him samples of ice cream and avocado to taste, while she held up signs for the camera, including one that read, “One sample is a huge surprise.”

Before the third and final sample, banana baby food, Kristen held up signs that read, “I love this man … and I’m so excited to say.”

Williams quickly guessed the banana baby food – it was, his mom has told him, his favorite as a child – and soon, with Kristen’s help, put together that she was pregnant and they were expecting their first child.

“I really tried to figure it all out quickly because I’m competitive,” Williams said. “I didn’t do as well as I thought I would, but it didn’t matter in the end.”

“She’s a genius,” he said of Kristen. “It was the perfect way to tell me; such a fun, creative way.”

Williams said the couple shot the video two weeks ago but waited until this week to publish it on YouTube so they could share the happy news with family and friends.

Kristen is only seven weeks along, according to Williams, and going to her first doctor’s appointment Thursday, but Williams says they did not hesitate to share the news so early on in the pregnancy.

“We’re sharing it because this is our real life and this is what we’re excited about,” Williams said. “No matter what happens, we’re going to love the baby. And if something happens, we’re going to share that, too.”