6,000 Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria: A Look At the Numbers

Airstrikes in Iraq began a year ago.

Figures released by U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM)Friday show that the U.S. and its coalition partners have now conducted 5,946 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria -- 2,657 of them in Iraq and 2,289 in Syria. They have struck 10,684 targets including 3,262 ISIS buildings, 119 commandeered tanks, 1,202 vehicles and 2,577 fighting positions.

The U.S. military operation against ISIS became known as Operation Inherent Resolve, a mix of airstrikes to halt ISIS’s military advances on the battlefield and a training effort to build up Iraq’s military forces.

There are now 3,300 U.S. military personnel deployed to Iraq part of that training effort. There are an additional 1,200 forces from 17 other countries helping to train Iraq’s Army to take on ISIS.

Centcom rep Col. Pat Ryder told Pentagon reporters Friday that as of April, the U.S. assesses that ISIS has lost control of 25 to 30 percent of the populated areas it controlled in both Iraq and Syria. In addition to the thousands of ISIS fighters who have been killed in the airstrikes he said that dozens of ISIS leaders have also been killed, damaging the group’s leadership operations.

The Pentagon says ISIS has been able to replace its significant battlefield losses and estimates it has sustained its ability to count on between 20,000 and 30,000 fighters.

He said that the slow-moving program currently has two other groups enrolled in training.