On endorsing a candidate, Andrew Yang says support for universal income would 'go a long way'

Thus far, Yang has said he wants to see "the Democratic process play out."

Entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang on "The View" Thursday morning told the hosts there's a powerful factor that would play into who he will endorse for president: support for universal basic income.

Yang, who made an early entry in the 2020 field and dropped out following the New Hampshire primary, joined "The View" as a guest co-host on Thursday morning. During his campaign, he championed a "freedom dividend" of $1,000 a month to every American.

So far, he hasn't endorsed anyone in the quickly-narrowing Democratic race, saying "I want the Democratic process play out."

After announcing they would suspend their campaign, three other former candidates put their support behind Vice President Joe Biden: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, billionaire Mike Bloomberg and former South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg.

Today, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the last woman running for the Democratic nomination for president, suspended her campaign.

Yang said her team was "going through a very emotional process right now" and acknowledged most expect her to endorse her friend, Sanders -- but also said she may not endorse anyone at all.

"I was stunned myself at Super Tuesday's results," Yang said. Warren came in third place in her home state, earning 17 delegates compared to Sanders' 27 and Biden's 32, thus far -- as only 96% of the vote is in after Super Tuesday.

Overall, Warren picked up 28 delegates on Tuesday, compared to Sanders' 328 and Biden's 380.

"I got calls from many of the candidates," Yang said of when he announced his campaign's suspension. "Elizabeth's call to me was so magnanimous and generous... she would've made a great president."

Yang noted that despite Biden’s success on Super Tuesday, "[Biden] needs to shore up his support among young people and Latinos," he said.

Sanders won voters younger than 30 by a smashing 58% to Biden's 13%.

Hispanic voters also played a major role on Tuesday and Sanders garnered an overwhelming percentage of the their votes as well. One reason for Vermont independent's support among Hispanics is their comparative youth, given his strength with younger voters.

Yang announced on Thursday that he's launching Humanity Forward, a nonprofit to advance the policies he pushed for during his 2020 campaign, including universal basic income, economic reform and data as a property right.

He announced that the organization will give $3 million "to everyday Americans … in the days ahead."

The entrepreneur also reacted to buzz around whether he will run for New York City mayor in 2021.

"I'm looking to solve problems and add as much value as I can," he said.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made controversial comments toward two conservative Supreme Court justices on Wednesday, insinuating that they would "pay a price" if they voted to uphold limits on abortion rights.

Schumer said on Thursday morning that he regrets the comments.

"I don't think it's productive," Yang said of Schumer weighing in on the decision. "We have constitutional separation of powers for a reason."