John Kasich, Ruling out VP Run, Says 'I Don't Play for Second'

The Ohio Republican governor taks President Obama to task over ISIS strategy.

"Forget it, Jon. I don't play for second," Kasich told ABC News' Jonathan Karl Sunday on "This Week."

As he weighs whether to join an already-crowded Republican field for president, Kasich said he was "very optimistic" about his potential campaign, based on his recent visits to early primary states.

"I am very pleased with what we have seen over the course of the last month. I've been very pleased with what I found out on the ground in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan. ... I have to tell you that I'm increasingly optimistic about all of this," Kasich said.

Kasich touted his "deep experience" as both a governor and former leader in Congress as assets in a potential run for the presidency, saying "I'm pretty qualified for this kind of a job."

"I'm the most experienced in the field with being an executive, running a big state like Ohio, dealing with problems like Cleveland; at the same time being in Congress, balancing the budget," Kasich said.

"[W]e need somebody who has deep experience, executive experience who has made decisions where there is a bottom line who has a deep knowledge of foreign affairs, because it's pretty clear that America's position in the world is being questioned and it leaves us less secure at home," Kasich added.