Lindsey Graham Quips About Cellphone and Trump on Road Trip With BFF John McCain

But is McCain's popularity enough to swing voters ahead of Debate Week?

McCain is still revered by many New Hampshire Republicans, and Graham tried to tap into that enthusiasm as they took questions together. Several questions were addressed directly to McCain –- not the current presidential candidate standing right next to him.

“Great experiences in my life have been in New Hampshire,” said McCain, who surprised many by winning the 2000 and 2008 primaries. “If you’ve been impressed today, as I hope you have been, by this candidate, then I want you to do me one favor. Tell your friends, “go see Lindsey Graham.”

The two walked off stage to McCain’s favorite campaign song: ABBA’s “Take A Chance on Me.”

Of course, McCain never had to overcome odds like this. Graham is looking up at over a dozen GOP candidates in the polls in the lead-up to Monday’s “Voters First” forum in New Hampshire –- the last chance for candidates to make their marks before the field is set for the first official debate on Thursday.