Philly Radio Hosts Release Revenge Video of Chris Christie Falling Off a Chair

Video released as revenge for Christie rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.

January 30, 2015, 12:07 PM
PHOTO: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers his State Of The State address, on Jan. 13, 2015, in Trenton, N.J.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivers his State Of The State address, on Jan. 13, 2015, in Trenton, N.J.
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— -- A Philadelphia sports talk radio host was apparently none too happy with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent decision to root for the Dallas Cowboys in owner Jerry Jones’ box.

And on Friday, the host decided to exact his revenge by releasing previously unseen video of Christie falling on the floor of the radio studio during a June 2014 interview.

The radio station, SportsRadio 94WIP, said it had held onto the video for months and only decided to release it now. The show's host, Angelo Cataldi, who lives in New Jersey, said he was "appalled" by Christie’s fondness for the Cowboys.

The video shows Christie walking into the studio before the chair he is supposed to sit in rolls back, sending him to the floor. Adding insult to injury, the video the station released replays the fall several times, set to carnival music.

Christie is a Cowboys fan even though there are two NFL teams that play in New Jersey -- the New York Giants and the New York Jets. In addition, the Philadelphia Eagles play just across the Delaware River.

The governor has taken heat both for his love of the Cowboys as well as his decision to accept trips and game tickets from Jones, but the governor’s office said it was all on the up and up and Christie has refused to change his sports allegiance. And although Cataldi is clearly riled up, a Quinnipiac University poll released earlier this week, reveals that New Jersey residents are not.

Only 13 percent of adults in the Garden State think less of Christie because he is a Cowboys fan while 3 percent view him more favorably and 83 percent say it makes no difference. And it turns out that Christie has a little company too: 8 percent of New Jersey residents are, like Christie, Cowboys fan. Support for the Jets is 9 percent, while 36 percent root for the Giants and 17 percent support the Eagles.

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