Senate passes government funding bill, now heads to President Trump

The House passed the bill Wednesday by a 309-118 margin.

May 4, 2017, 2:28 PM

— -- The Senate has passed a $1 trillion omnibus spending bill that would keep the government running until September, with a vote of 79-18.

The House passed the bill Wednesday in a 309-118 vote, with four members abstaining.

The spending bill will now head to President Trump’s desk.

Last Friday, Congress passed a short-term measure funding the government for one more week, giving lawmakers additional time to tie up loose ends.

The resulting deal, reached late Sunday night, includes a $15 billion boost in funding for the military. The spending bill also contains $1.5 billion for border security. However, it leaves out funding for the wall that Trump wants to build on the U.S.-Mexico border but includes funds for Planned Parenthood and so-called sanctuary cities.

“After years of partisan bickering and gridlock, this bill is a clear win for the American people,” Trump said Tuesday from the Oval Office. “It’s been a very hotly contested budget because, as you know, we have to go through a long and rigorous process.”

“I think that Democrats cleaned our clock,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told CNN in an interview on Tuesday. “This was not winning from the Republican point of view.”

If Trump signs the bill, Congress will avoid a government shutdown until at least September, when funding would next run out.

ABC News’ Ali Rogin and Arlette Saenz contributed to this report.

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