'Dating Naked' Contestant Sues Over Her Nakedness

Chris Pratt visits hospital as Star-Lord.

— -- quicklist:1 title: 'Dating Naked' Contestant Sues Over Her Nakedness text: Jessie Nizewitz, a contestant on VH1's "Dating Naked," has sued Viacom and the show's producers for $10 million, saying she was assured certain parts of her body would be covered during her episode.

"I did not expect the whole world to see my private parts," she said in a statement.

She alleges the show cost her a budding relationship and that she received hateful social media messages after the episode aired.

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quicklist:2 title: Nick Cannon Confirms 'Trouble in Paradise' text: Nick Cannon has confirmed his split with Mariah Carey. Cannon and Carey, married in 2008, welcomed their fraternal twins, Monroe and Moroccan, in 2011.

"There is trouble in paradise," Cannon told The Insider. "We have been living in separate houses for a few months."

Regardless of his relationship with Carey, Cannon reportedly emphasized that their children will come first, saying, "my main focus is my kids."

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quicklist:3 title: 'Game of Thrones' Author Teases Deaths in Next Book text: "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin said that in his latest book, "Song of Ice and Fire," readers can expect some serious character deaths, Buzzfeed reports.

While at an event in London with fellow fantasy author Robin Hobb, Martin said, "it’s getting to the point where the story is beginning to delta back in, and the viewpoint characters are occasionally meeting up with each other now and being in the same point at the same time, which gives me a lot more flexibility for killing people.”

Read with caution, heartbreaking character fatalities likely ahead.

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quicklist:4 title: Chris Pratt Visits Children's Hospital as Star-Lord text: Chris Pratt visited the L.A. Children's Hospital Wednesday to give the kids a special screening of "Guardians of the Galaxy," all while dressed as his Star-Lord character. E! News reports Pratt also signed autographs and let the kids try on his costume.

The hospital tweeted out a photo of Pratt with one of the patients, saying, "Star Lord (@prattprattpratt) cheered up our patients by sharing #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy! Thanks for making them smile!"

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quicklist:5 title: 'MythBusters' Stars Leaving the Show text: "MythBusters" stars Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are leaving the show, E! Online reports. The trio of the popular Discovery Channel series will be leaving Aug. 21, ending a decade run on the show.

The cast took to Twitter to share their goodbyes and well wishes, with Imahara tweeting "Thanks @MythBusters for allowing us to teach science in a whole new way. Also, explosions. Now, on to the next adventure!"

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