Apple Gives Instructions on How to Delete Free U2 Album

You can't force half a billion people to be U2 fans, apparently.

— -- There's a way to remove that free U2 album you didn't ask for.

Apple's event last Tuesday was like a holiday for fanatics, as the company unveiled two new iPhones, the Apple Watch, Apple Pay and iOS 8. The banner event was capped off when CEO Tim Cook and U2 frontman Bono revealed that 500 million iTunes users would automatically be gifted the band's new album, "Songs of Innocence."

Plenty of people have said "thanks but no thanks" to the gift -- which has shown up anyway in users' cloud-based iTunes accounts.

In response, Apple unveiled a website today to make it easier for users to rid their accounts of the album, if they so choose.

Check out the website here. Then click "remove album." Sign in with your Apple ID and password and you should be good to go.

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