The New Way You Can Say 'Thank You for Being a Friend' on Facebook

New service lets users send thank you video cards to friends and family.

— -- There's a new way to say, "Thank you for being a friend," on Facebook.

The social network announced today it is launching a new service, "Say Thanks," that allows users to send video cards to their friends and family.

The service is gradually being rolled out today, according to a Facebook spokesperson, so the link may appear broken for some users.

From there, they will be able to choose a friend they'd like to send a video to and will be presented with an auto-generated reel.

Users will be able to make tweaks to the photos and theme of the 45-second video before it gets published in your timeline and the object of your gratitude is tagged.

Consider this just another way Facebook is giving some users the feels.

The social network introduced a similar service, the "Year in Review" video reel in 2012, allowing users to take a trip down memory lane.