Snapchat Moves Secret Conversations to Real-Time

Cheaters and selfie fans rejoice.

May 1, 2014— -- Cheaters, sexters and ugly selfie fans can rejoice.

Snapchat, the app that self-destructs photos and messages, unveiled text messaging and video chat features today that will allow users to carry on seamless conversations with friends who are using the app at the same time.

Many users had previously sent multiple videos and photos back and forth to carry on a conversation. The new features work by eliminating the piecemeal process and giving users the full attention of their friends who are also on the app.

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Users can now swipe right on a friend's name in their Snapchat inbox to begin chatting through the video and instant messaging features.

In order to keep the live video option open, users will have to hold down a button in the same way they do when they see a snap. Move your finger, and the video capability will stop, staying true to the fleeting nature of Snapchat.

And instead of sending information through character-limiting photo captions, users can now save important information from their instant messaging conversations, such as party plans, homework answers, and phone numbers. When users leave the chat screen, all of the other information will disappear.