Uber Makes It Easier to Spot Your Ride

The ride-hailing service makes pick-ups easier through color-coded lights.

December 3, 2015, 9:59 AM

— -- Can't locate your Uber driver after a concert or sporting event? You're far from alone. That's why the ride-sharing company is launching a new initiative to make it easier for users to easily spot their assigned driver.

Uber said a thin SPOT device will be attached to the passenger side of a windshield. When a user requests a trip and is matched with a driver who has a SPOT device, the user will be prompted to choose a color in the app.

When the driver arrives for a pick-up, the SPOT device will turn one of the six colors chosen by the passenger. SPOT also goes both ways, allowing the passenger to press and hold the color on their phone screen to also help their driver find them.

"When riders and drivers can easily find each other, we’re able to trim down wait times, which is a win for everyone," according to an Uber blog post announcing the initiative.

SPOT will be tested in Seattle and if it's a success, it's possible Uber could roll out the initiative to other cities.

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