TripAdvisor's Top Dirtiest Hotels in America

TripAdvisor's annual list is compiled from reviews written by real travelers.

Jan. 24, 2011— -- Travel information website releases every year a list of the Top 10 dirtiest hotels in America. The list is culled from reviews written by real travelers.

The full list will be released Tuesday, but "Good Morning America" has an exclusive preview of the top three hotels today:

1. Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center -- Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

TripAdvisor Average Daily Rate: $49 to $334

Average Rate (via hotel site): $49.77

A TripAdvisor member complained about getting "bug bites on my arms and legs."

The hotel told us that it is under new management and is working to restore the hotel to its former glory.

To read an updated statement from Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center, CLICK HERE.

2. Jack London Inn -- Oakland, Calif.

TripAdvisor Average Daily Rate: $44 to $101

Average Daily Rate (via hotel site): $45

A member wrote, "The rooms displayed a level of filth and discomfort that mere neglect could never produce."

The Jack London Inn did not immediately respond to our request for comment. In a statement issued after the broadcast, the hotel's general manager called the review a "gross exaggeration" by "anonymous disgruntled guests." He said that the hotel is undergoing "a detailed renovation."

To read a statement from the Jack London Inn, click HERE.

3. Desert Inn Resort -- Daytona Beach, Fla.

TripAdvisor Average Daily Rate: $66 to $189

Average Daily Rate (via hotel site): $49

A member noted that "the ceiling was peeling, the walls were cracked, there were cigarette burns throughout the room."

The Desert Inn said it believed the listing was "unjust," that it has a "great staff and facility" and more than 70 percent of its guests are repeat or referral guests.

To read a statement from Desert Inn Resort, click HERE.

TripAdvisor's Top 10 list of the dirtiest hotels in America is based on traveler ratings for cleanliness on the website.

The list is based on candid traveler feedback specifically rating the category of hotel cleanliness from 1 to 5 (1 being lowest, 5 highest) in the hotel review form on the site. The top 10 dirtiest hotels in the United States had the lowest cleanliness ratings on TripAdvisor.

Click HERE to read more about how TripAdvisor's traveler ratings are collected.

What to Do If You Find Yourself in a Dirty Hotel Room

TripAdvisor offers the following check in-tips:


You should never, ever use the duvet that's on the bed. Take that off the bed right away.

Start with the bed, upholstered furniture and carpet and look for stains. If they are heavily stained, that tells you something about the hotel's housekeeping and cleaning staff. This is obvious dirt and they're not even trying to hide it.

Bed Bugs on Mattress:

You should also pull back the sheets and check the mattress edges for evidence of bed bugs. You can bet that if they're on the bed, they're on the chairs, in the blankets and other surfaces. Changing rooms will not help: bed bugs in one room usually means they are in all of the rooms.

Individually Wrapped Plastic, Glass Cups:

Go into the bathroom. A quick look at the tub, sink and toilet will tell you if they are clean.

Another indication is whether the glasses are wrapped. While individually-wrapped plastic cups aren't as inviting, you know that if they're wrapped, they are clean. If there is just a glass, take a close look to see whether it's clean.

Dealing With Problems

Let's say you've found some problems. You may not always get a refund.

You will probably be offered another room and that often will solve the problem. If you found bed bugs, however, no room is safe. You will want to get out of the hotel.

If you feel you must leave, ask to see the manager and point out the problems. Taking pictures to document the issues is also a good idea. Hotels are not required to refund your money, but they are in the service industry and want to make you happy, and more importantly, they don't want you to spread the word that their hotel is unsanitary.

Making Sure You Have a Clean Stay

It's always good to bring disinfectant wipes and a plastic bag to store the remote. Do you ever clean your remote at home? Imagine how often it gets cleaned at a hotel. You should always do this, no matter where you stay.

Bringing sheets and pillow cases are a last resort. If the linens aren't clean, you're not going to want to stay at the hotel. But if your options are slim, put your sheets and pillow case over the hotel's linens.

In the bathroom, think of it as living in a dorm. Pack shower shoes, a camping towel, which folds up very small but is very absorbent and a collapsable travel cup to use instead of the hotel's glassware are good ideas and don't take a lot of suitcase space. Miller says you should always keep your toothbrush in its holder when you're not using it.

Bed Bugs Tips

Most people know not to put their luggage on the bed, just in case there are bedbugs in the bed. It's best to use the stand that hotels provide.

Another tip is to hang up all the clothes you can. Drawers are usually fine but take a look and make sure they look clean. Then take your suitcase, put it in a trashbag and put it in the bath tub. It's the best way to keep bed bugs out of your luggage.

When you go home, put all of your clothes in a garbage bag when you pack. This will keep whatever you've picked up along the way contained. When you get home, you can throw everything in the dryer, which will kill the bed bugs.

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