Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas Surprises 14-Year-Old With Game Ticket

Boston Celtics’ star Isaiah Thomas gave Robbie McNulty, 14, a big surprise.

ByABC News
September 12, 2016, 9:10 AM

— -- The high school student who was shocked to see Boston Celtics’ star Isaiah Thomas join him for hoops on a neighborhood court was even more shocked today when Thomas asked the teen to be his guest at an upcoming Celtics home game.

Thomas, 27, surprised Robbie McNulty, 14, in a taped message today on “Good Morning America.”

“What’s up Robbie? It’s Isaiah Thomas. Thanks for letting me shoot hoops with you the other day. Keep working on that jumper,” the NBA star said. “I know we talked about this upcoming season and I’d like to invite you to one of my games as my guest. See you at the [TD] Garden.”

McNulty, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was playing basketball alone last week at St. Peter's Park in Cambridge when Thomas suddenly joined him on the court.

“It was really just insane,” McNulty said on “GMA” of seeing Thomas appear on the court. “He was at about half-court and then like I took another shot and then I turned around and then he’s just like staring at me, walking towards me.”

He added: “I immediately know he is because I’m a huge Celtics fan. I’m just speechless. I’m just dribbling for like five seconds with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe it.”

McNulty said Thomas explained to him that his son's school is located across the street from the basketball court.

“He asked me if he could play with me,” McNulty said, still in awe. “We talked about the Celtics.”

McNulty was in even more shock when he found out he would be going as Thomas’ guest to TD Garden, where the Celtics play their home games.

“No way,” the teen said. “Are you serious?”