Boy, 10, Foils Brooklyn Home Invaders' Plot After Getting Hold of Suspect's Gun

PHOTO: Police say a 10-year-old boy helped scare off armed suspects in a home invasion in New York, June 3, 2013.PlayWABC
WATCH Boy, 10, Foils Home Invasion With Gun

Two home invaders' plans were foiled when they busted into a Brooklyn, N.Y., family's home demanding money, only to be scared off by a worthy opponent: a 10-year-old boy.

The suspects, two men in their 20s, forced themselves into the Canarsie home Monday evening at approximately 5:15 p.m., the New York Police Department said.

Authorities said that the two armed men -- one was dressed in a FedEx uniform, the other in a black shirt -- told all four people inside to get down on the ground while they searched the home.

During the invasion and robbery attempt, one of the victims inside the house slammed a door on one of the suspect's arms, causing him to drop his gun. The 10-year-old boy then picked up the gun and fired one round at the suspects, one of whom then fired back at the 10-year-old, according to police.

While no one was hit, police said the suspects fled the scene without any cash.

Neighbor Keisha Gonsalves told ABC News that at the time of the invasion, she was sitting at a window in her home that looks out onto the street of her Canarsie neighborhood when she saw two men running away from the home in question.

Gonsalves said that she didn't hear any shots fired but realized something had happened after police cars flooded the street and barricaded the area around the house in question.

"I didn't think it was anything. People go up and go down the block all the time," she said. "I assumed then that something did happen at the time, but I didn't put the two guys together with what happened there."

Police have been canvassing the neighborhood seeking information, reported ABC's New York station WABC.

ABC News' attempts to reach the victims were not successful.