Bruno and Tuz: Two truly top dogs join FEMA's elite K-9 disaster relief team

Bruno and Tuz recently graduated from an elite federal training program.

Two new canines have joined the ranks of FEMA's first responders.

These elite K-9s are sent on disaster relief missions around the nation following a natural disaster.

Tuz is named after fallen NYPD Sargent Paul Tuozzolo, who was killed in the line of duty last year. He is handled by Police Officer Dan Bosco.

Bruno, who came from the Czech Republic, is handled by Police Officer Anthony Barreto.

Barreto said that the moment he saw Bruno, he knew he wanted to be paired with him because the dog looked like “he wanted to work.”

In an interview with ABC News, Tuz couldn’t seem to look away from the obstacle course and kept pulling to go back on to the rubble pile.

“All he wants to do is work," Bosco told ABC News. "All the time."

The biggest challenge the dogs face in the exam is the terrain, Detective Scott Mateyaschuk, lead trainer of the Emergency Service K-9 team, said.

Mateyaschuk explained that the test is not only for the dogs; the examiners are also testing how the K-9 and the handler work together as a team.

Tuz and Bruno are two of the 49 specially-trained canines in the NYPD Emergency Service K-9 Team.

ABC News' Lucie Mccormick contributed to this report.

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