'I have 2 bullet holes in my windows': Flustered 911 calls released after random highway shootings

The suspect remains at large.

The harrowing 911 calls placed by confused drivers who were seemingly random victims of a shooting on a highway have been released.

Four cars were hit with gunshots on a highway Wednesday night near Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, authorities said.

"Somebody shot at me on [route] 509," one of the drivers, Mary Ertl, can be heard saying on her call to the emergency dispatcher.

"What makes you say someone shot at you?" the dispatcher responded.

"Well, I have two bullet holes in my windows and then a man pulled over behind me ... and somebody shot at him too," she said, according to ABC Seattle affiliate KOMO.

The suspect is still at large, and police believe it was a random shooting. No one was injured in the shootings.

"It's indicating that it was random because none of these four vehicles had anything to do with each other except for they were driving the same direction on the same freeway at the same time," Trooper Rick Johnson, a Washington State Patrol spokesman, told ABC News.

Driver Ertl told the 911 dispatcher that the shot seemed to come out of nowhere.

"All I heard was a pow when it went through my windshield and glass everywhere," she said.

Another driver who called 911 said he heard a loud noise.

"Something hit the car and I thought it was a rock," Mike Luiz said, according to KOMO. "When I got to my office, I could see a bullet hole in my door."