'Close like sisters': Jennifer Lopez and BFF Leah Remini share details of their friendship

The pair discussed their years-long relationship on "The View."

Jennifer Lopez joined best friend and "Second Act" co-star Leah Remini to discuss their years-long relationship on "The View" Wednesday.

Remini told the co-hosts "I love girls sitting around talking, it’s the best thing ... [the] power and strength in women and how important we are to each other."

She remembered when she first met Lopez, "I would go to 'dinner' at her house, I would come home eight hours later" – prompting questions from her husband.

"We have a lot of important things to talk about! Clothes! Other people! Our mothers!" Lopez quipped.

"Spouses, boyfriends! Our families!" Remini added.

She said her and Lopez are "very close like sisters are and also in a different way than sisters are."

"I’m so close with my sisters and so is Leah, but we have similar lives, we have similar careers and kinda nuances that other people don’t understand and so that also bonded us," Lopez explained.

Lopez described Remini as "courageous, caring and generous... that’s the truth!"

Remini said "there are many things" about Lopez that make her special, including her "Loving, warm, fiercely loyal, courageous, brave, true, authentic" qualities.

The duo star together for the first time in "Second Act," which premieres Dec. 21.