Customer gives McDonald's drive-thru worker a free car: 'Let's have a good day'

Chris Ellis learned Vicki Anderson needed a vehicle during their daily chats.

Earlier this month, Vicki Anderson was working the drive-thru window when she encountered regular customer Chris Ellis.

During their conversation, she asked him whether he knew anyone who fixes cars because her car needed repairs and she didn't have much money to spend.

Ellis said he never forgot their conversation.

On Jan. 9, Anderson's manager Denise Panek had the video camera rolling as Ellis entered the McDonald's and asked Anderson to take a walk outside with him.

As the two stepped outside, Ellis handed Anderson some keys.

"I've got a surprise for you today," Ellis told her. "Come with me. ... Let's have a good day. ... Here's a title and here's a key. That black car is yours. I'll give it to ya!"

"No way," Anderson can be heard saying on the video. "Thank you. God bless you."

Ellis said that whenever he encountered Anderson, she was always incredibly kind -- so he decided to take her request for a mechanic a step further.

"You make me smile every time I come through here -- and I don't forget stuff like that," Ellis said.

When Ellis learned that his son, Josh, was selling his black 2009 Pontiac, the two men decided to simply clean it up and give it to Anderson.

"That's his old car," Ellis told Anderson in the video posted to YouTube. "We made a deal and we're giving it to you. ... You're a blessing to me. You make me smile every time you come through here."

In the video, Anderson gives him a hug as she starts crying and thanking the father-son pair. Then, she turns to her manager -- who had been in on the surprise and still had the camera going.

"I thought you were going to fire me!" Anderson told Panek with a laugh.

Ellis told ABC News on Monday that putting a smile on Anderson's face was all that he wanted to achieve. He said he had no idea that the video, which has been circulated online, would touch so many viewers.

Anderson promised that she would pay the car donation forward.

"I just called my friend from church today, on my break, and she said God can predict miracles," she said.