Dayton shooting witness breaks down recalling trying to save victim

There were nine victims killed and 27 others injured at an Ohio shooting.

Those who lost loved ones or who were injured themselves aren't the only people in pain in the wake of the most recent mass shootings in America.

People who were on the scene and tried to help are also grappling with the fallout.

Holly Redman broke down while recounting how she and fellow survivor James Williams tried to help one of the victims at the shooting in Dayton.

Redman told "Good Morning America" that she tried to help a gunshot victim because she is CPR-certified.

"It was me and a girl and a guy took over, and he did the chest compressions. I let her hold the wound, and then I just breathed in his breath," Redman said.

It was later confirmed that the person she had been helping was identified as Logan Turner, a 30-year-old who died in the shooting.

"I just want his parents to know that we did everything possible to save him, like everything," Redman said.

"[He] had three people around him, and I was there when he took his last breath. It's so hard," Redman said before breaking down in tears.

Williams told ABC News that the heartbreak unfolded on the scene.

"The hardest part is when they say, 'Stop, stop... there's nothing you can do,'" Williams said, referencing first responders.

Turner's mother, Danita Turner, spoke to the Dayton News, calling him "the world's best son."

"Everyone loved Logan. He was a happy go lucky guy," she told the local newspaper.

He is one of nine victims who were killed, while 27 others were injured, at the shooting early Sunday morning.

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