'What Would You Do?' episode recap: Student athletes want to kneel during the National Anthem

A recap of this week's episode of "What Would You Do?" with ABC's John Quiñones.

Here is a recap of this week's episode of "What Would You Do?" with ABC's John Quiñones:

What Would You Do: Don’t Take a Knee -- You’re out to lunch when you see a young black football player, inspired by NFL player Colin Kaepernick, being criticized by his coach for wanting to take a knee during the National Anthem at the first game of the season. The coach is very stern, telling the boy that he must stand at every game during the National Anthem or he will be kicked off the team. The teen tries to explain to his coach that he isn’t disrespecting the flag or the military, but rather he’s voicing his disapproval of police brutality. This is the boy’s one and only warning, and it’s up to him to decide what matters to him more, taking part in this “trend” or being a part of this team. TWIST: What if it was a young white football player? What would you do? Watch what happens:

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What Would You Do: Manicure Bandit -- What would you do if you were at a nail salon and saw a woman swipe another woman’s engagement ring? One customer leaves her new beautiful diamond engagement ring in a small tray when she goes to pick her nail polish and when no one is watching another customer takes the ring and tries to pay and leave. Will anyone stop her? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Fortnite Addiction -- A couple is out with their teenage child, trying to enjoy a family outing. Their son, however, is playing Fortnite and seems to be more interested in his game than interacting with his parents. The parents try to grab his attention, but their son resists giving up his game, even after he is reprimanded. If you saw a kid playing Fortnite and neglecting his parents, what would you do? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Poor Teacher -- A teacher stops by a store to buy food for herself and basic school supplies for her large class. When her card is declined at the cash register, she starts to remove grocery items instead of the school supplies, explaining that the class needs them. If you saw this, what would you do? Watch what happens: