Head-tilting video of 'spider sheep' is taking over Twitter

Are the sheep walking flat? Is the video sideways? Watch for yourself.

September 11, 2019, 11:22 AM

Move over Spider-Man, there's a new super sheep in town.

An American biologist may be the next person responsible for breaking the internet -- this time it's due to a mind-bending video of Chinese sheep scaling a seriously steep rock formation.

The 32 second clip shows a herd of blue sheep "doing the impossible" and sheering the side of a cliff high above the ground.

Imogene Cancellare, a conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer, shared the video early Wednesday and it has already garnered more than 365,000 views and over 6,000 likes.

The video left some scratching their heads and others laughing it up.

At first glance, the video appears to have simply been shot or turned sideways, but Twitter users were swift to chime in with theories over the head tilting hijinx.

"This is wild. My brain is having trouble processing which way is up," one person replied.

"The trees don't even add up," one person wrote. But another user replied, "Clue: trees grow upwards," hailing the sheep for their "incredible" agility.

Others were less sheepish with their response.

"Look at the clouds. When you turn it sideways the clouds are moving upwards," someone said confidently, adding that the video was indeed right side up.

Of course, others weighed in on the weightless-looking animals with a sense of humor, sharing GIFs of Homer Simpson assisting a pig trot across a ceiling.

Despite the debate, there was one thing everyone seemed to agree on.

Well, almost everyone.

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