Hunger games: Rats battle it out for a french fry in New York

The two rats engaged in a tug of war over a coveted fry.

— -- New York City's subway rats can't get enough of the delicious fast food that riders discard during their daily commutes.

More than two years after Pizza Rat caused an internet sensation after it was seen carrying a slice more than twice its size, two rats were seen at the 14th Street L station battling it out for a single french fry.

Instagram user Seth Salcedo spotted the rats as he was waiting for the train Thursday, he told ABC News. The rats engage in a tug of war scuffle over the coveted fry before one of them pulls it away and runs off.

The other rat doesn't let the victor get away too easy and chases it -- in hopes of regaining the prize -- before the pair disappear under the subway tracks.

In September 2015, a rat that would become an NYC legend was seen carrying a Brooklyn-style slice down a set of subway stairs at the First Avenue L train station in the East Village.

In the video, the rodent, affectionately dubbed Pizza Rat, drops the slice once it realizes it's being watched but continues to keep an eye on its loot.

A street sign in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood was dedicated to the infamous Pizza Rat.

In October 2015, another rat at the same station was seen carrying a slice of pizza when a second rat approached and tried to snatch the slice.

While rats battling over carbs is a sight to behold, the real question is, who is throwing away all this perfectly good food?

ABC News' Alexandra Faul contributed to this report.